Group break rules vary from company to company so it is important to read and understand how they work before entering into a group break.

PLEASE NOTE: Must be 18 years or older to enter.

What is a break?

A group break is a way to collect that splits up the cost of a box or case between the participants. It involves individuals buying slots or teams in a sealed box or combination of sealed boxes or a case of boxes.

It is a way to collect without without paying for a full box or case of cards. There are many styles of breaks, and we usually do two types: Pick Your Team (PYT) or Random Team.

Please be aware that in some instances some teams or slots will not receive any cards. In the event that you did not receive any cards during the break you will not receive a refund.

Types of breaks

Pick Your Team break (PYT)

Just as the name states - you choose your team. We mostly do pick your team breaks at Harbour Collectables. In this type of group break, the prices of each team varies and is reflected in the possible value of the hits for each team.

Random Team break

All spots in a random team break are the same price. Once all spots have been filled and before the packs are opened and the cards revealed, we will do a dice roll on to determine the amount of spins for the randomiser draw. We then use to determine which spot gets which team. 

How do I buy a spot in a break?

All spots are sold vis our website under the breaks tab in the website menu:

Where can I watch the breaks?

We stream live on Facebook, Youtube and Twitch. Links to these platforms can be found below.

Facebook Group

Youtube Page

If you do happen to miss the live stream of the break, you'll be able to re-watch it on Facebook once the live stream ends, and on Youtube when the recording has finished uploading, which is usually within an hour of the break ending.

Is shipping included in the cost of the break?

Shipping Australia wide is included in the costs of the all our breaks. All break cards are sent with Australia Post tracked shipping.

International Postage outside of Australia is not included in our break prices and is extra. We can hold your cards if you plan on entering multiple breaks with us. International Shipping is upon request via our Facebook messenger page where we will provide you with a quote based on weight of package, location, and requested shipping option (Regular Tracked, Express).

Free International Shipping Option: Enter 5 different breaks to qualify for the free international shipping option. With this option cards are send Australia Post Tracked Standard. Please note no base cards are included with this and can be included with paid shipping.

How long after a break do cards get shipped?

We Ship every Monday for all breaks from the previous week. 

How do cards get shipped?

All cards are shipped via Australia Post with tracking. Once a tracking number is generated an email is sent to your supplied email via Australia Post. If it is not there please check your junk email folder.

What happens if there is a card with multiple players on it?

Cards that have multiple players on it will be randomised through The individual will receive 1 spot in the randomiser for every player from their team that features on the card. For example if there is three different players on the card and a person owns two of those he will receive two spots.

What happens if my spot doesn't hit anything in the break?

Some high end products only have a limited amount of cards in the boxes or case and therefore it is a possibility that you may not hit a card in the break due to the way these products are packed from the manufacturer. Please consider this risk before buying in.