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SS Vegeta, Counter Strike - Critical Blow BT22-039 R Foil
Son Gohan, Close Call - Critical Blow BT22-065 C Foil
Family Kamehameha, Emotions Delivered - Critical Blow BT22-059 UC Foil
Piccolo, Power Beyond Awakening - Critical Blow BT22-015 R Foil
SS2 Son Goku, Counter Strike - Critical Blow BT22-107 R Foil
Android 21, Ceaseless Despair - Power Absorbed BT20-143 SR Foil
Son Gohan, Strength of Conviction - Power Absorbed BT20-138 SR Foil
Cumber, Furious Frenzy - Power Absorbed BT20-131 R Foil
SS Cumber, Berserker Barrage - Power Absorbed BT20-130 SR Foil
SS Son Goku, Beserk Instincts - Power Absorbed BT20-121 SR Foil
Majin Buu, Vile Onslaught - Power Absorbed BT20-104 SR Foil
Goku's Kamehameha Deflection - Power Absorbed BT20-082 R Foil
Super 17, Onyx Lighting - Power Absorbed BT20-073 SR Foil
Son Goku, Golden Dragon Fist - Power Absorbed BT20-060 R Foil

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